Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some missing info...

By LaPa

We are getting really close to kicking this thing off. Is it bad if during Christmas dinner I constantly tell my family that I’ll be in Hawaii in 2 days…is rubbing it in not part of the Christmas spirit..? Anyways, I am still awaiting Ty’s “introduction” but in the meantime I figured we were missing one for our host. How can I pass up a free shot at some cheap heat. Here you go…

Scott A Murphy

One Liner: Born in raised in Blue Hill, Maine aka “The hill” (not to be confused with Beacon Hill), he has resided south of Maine since high school. A graduate of George Stevens Academy (along with 10 people I think), St A’s, BU and recently Babson. Seriously dude, enough! He is the strangest combination of intelligence and childish behavior you’ll meet. Really he’s a math geek who enjoys a good social life. He’ll be flying to Hawaii riding in First class with a bunch of “Chatches”.

Scary Thought: Murph is actually spending a month in Hawaii, so basically he has plenty of time to see the sights and relax, which means that while he has company, it should be an all out bender. When Murph says he’ll buy 600 beers, he actually will, remember he’s a math geek at heart. He’s actually admitted to passing his time during the morning commute, adding up numbers on license plates….ask him, it’s more complicated than you think. As always his #1 goal will be to make sure everyone is hammered and having a good time. If you’re a guy he still might ask if you’re interested in a late night tickle fight. He will most likely be seen at the bar all week ordering bevs and pretending to be one of his aliases, Doug Murphy, Doug Wynn, D Lowe’s brother…maybe Colt Brennan's bro??? Murph, just remember if you order shots and you spill them, the bartender will not refill them for free!

Little Known Facts: Murph is a huge advocate of the snap point, chest bump, Top Gun high five and the dreaded late night chest poke. He worked as a high school janitor at one point. He has been to approximately 78 bachelor parties. He has no respect for police officers or state troopers, he thinks they are dumb and he’ll tell them that (please don’t give him the chance). Most embarrassing moment, he once lost a pool game to Meg Grew (his rival), who rubbed it in his face by eating his popcorn without invitation. Murph is also well known for his “best, worst, best” scenarios, “Zams”, “awh..awh…awh” and many other strange noises. He is probably the only person I know that could have organized this trip.


KJ said...

Wow! And Goliath comes out swinging. I've never met the infamous "LaPa", but I know this trip is gonna be a total sh*t show. Only 16 more days!

Murph said...

Dude, that is some of the CHEAPEST heat imaginable! I'll take it though, I truly deserve it....

A couple corrections:
1) I'll be in Hawaii for almost 2 months, so I'll have even MORE time to relax down there than you mention.
2) George Stevens Academy ("GSA", NOT to be confused with "Girl Scouts of America") was a stellar institution for learning, and I graduated with almost 50 people from 7 towns!

I can't dispute anything else.

I'm working Ty's bio, it's almost TOO EASY!

I'm also working on planning out some sight-seeing trips, and day trips for when we're down there, more on that soon...

My last day of work is next Thursday! I'll be working a new email after that:

Blue Hill rules.

Jamie said...

Additional "Little Known Facts":
Scott is always up for a new adventure, especially if it involves multiple forms of transportation.

If you aren't sure who is ordering round after round of can pretty much assume it is Scott. Or Doug, depending on the time of night.

This is going to be a great week filled with "all of the above" and we really can't wait. Thanks, Scott!!