Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cannonballs, scorpion bowls and a football star


Well, the weather didn't cooperate so much yesterday and it looks like it might be the same today as well.

We started off Tuesday by hanging out at the pool for a while. June treated us to a few epic cannonballs. The video below just kills me. Not sure if the actual cannonball is better or Murph's "Today is a good day to die" comment.

After chillin in the pool, we planned on heading to Waimea Bay. It began to rain, so we detoured to lunch at this place called Joe's. It was such a great time and proved that we didn't need the weather to cooperate to have a good time... however, we did have to have plenty of alcohol at our disposal.

Murph and I continued our "honeymoon" by sharing a few scorpion bowls. We obviously took some heat for this, but we did set a key ground rule... no drinking at the same time.

Mellen was pretty hung over, so he showed up a little late for lunch with Abby... and boy are we all glad that he did. After we were all done eating, this 70-year-old Japanese lady came over to him at the table and asked if he played football. It was so random and so hilarious. She told us of how she went to Michigan State while Bubba Smith played there.

Even though Mellen denied ever playing football, I was able to scrounge up this photo on the internet. This should help explain why that lady approached him in the first place.

We had a few too many cocktails at Joe's and then we headed to Waimea. The rain wouldn't subside, so we drove back in the direction of Turtle Bay and ended up stopping at Sunset Beach again.

The rain stopped, so we were able to enjoy a little body surfing. Ty OWNED the waves at first, but eventually they got the best of him as they shot him out of the water and crushed him into the sand. Murph developed an interesting method of laying on his back right on the shore line and sliding across the sand. Both were events were hilarious.

The waves were some of the biggest that we've seen yet and it was pretty cool to see TONS of people surfing. A little rain doesn't really deter people from doing much of anything around here, so even if the weather doesn't cooperate today, that shouldn't slow us down too much.

The night (for me) was capped off by grilling at the pool outside of the other house. I was exhausted, so I called it a night rather early. I'm not entirely sure what everyone else did the rest of the they are all still sleeping.

The weather doesn't look too good for today, but it's New Year's Eve and we have a stretch Escalade picking us up for a night full of debachery, so either way it doesn't really matter.

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