Saturday, December 27, 2008

The ascent has begun


Murph's pounding rum and cokes in first class, Jamie and Mike are delayed two hours in Atlanta and I'm blogging and drinking a beer in San Fran. The ascent on Oahu has officially begun.

I'm not sure the status of the rest of the crew, but those are the reports that I've received thus far.

I'm currently sitting at a place called The Buena Vista San Francisco (a little Irish pub in the SF Airport...picture left). This place is pretty cool. There's a table of four people to my left that are literally playing some sort of card drinking game. I am contemplating inviting them along for the Surf with Murph debacle...they'd probably fit right in.

Anyway, just a quick update from here. I'll be getting leied (READ: layed) in no time.

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