Sunday, November 30, 2008

Calling all decathletes


At the Surf with Murph mixer the other night, I somehow had a stroke of's amazing the places you venture to after slamming four car bombs.

Anyway, I threw the idea out there of having a Surf with Murph Decathlon and it was welcomed by those in attendance with flying colors.

So, here's my proposal for the Surf with Murph Decathlon:
• $10 entry fee (to cover Decathlon trophy)
• Every entrant submits two events they'd like to compete in
• We pull 10 of the events out of a hat that will make up the Decathlon
• Top five positions get points for each event (1st gets 5, 2nd gets 4, etc.)
• Events may have to be set up in a head-to-head bracket style in order to award points
• The winner takes home the Decathlon trophy and bragging rights for life

It's pretty simple really, but there are twp questions that we need to answer as a group. So, leave a comment to this post so we can figure this stuff out.

• Do we pull the events out of the hat prior to leaving or once we get there?
The downside of pulling the events when we get there is that you have to bring the gear to complete your event with you. So, if your event is "Funnel a Beer", then you'd have to bring the funnel. The downside of pulling the events before hand is that we don't get the excitement of pulling the events in person.

• Should we have a Decathlon Committee to approve the events submitted?
I would recommend that Murph, Jamie and I make up the Decathlon Committee. We will approve events before hand and then also be the judges should a conflict arise during the Decathlon. I was originally thinking just Murph and I would make up the committee, but Jamie will be sober, so she's gotta be on it too. We really need a committee because if we don't have one, then Mellen will submit "Growing the fastest beard in 20 minutes" as an event and we'll all be at a severe disadvantage.

You may think that having a committee for this thing is going over the top, but we used to do Decathlons like this in college and if we didn't have a committee then the only way to settle anything was to "go elliptical" on someone and we don't want to have that happen.

Also, here are a few event ideas from past Decathlons:
• Funnel a beer
• Head-to-head flip cup (three cups/person)
• Shotgun a beer
• Head-to-head Beirut
• Longest keg stand

We could also do non-alcoholic events:
• Texas Hold 'Em tourney
• Bocce tourney
• Cribbage tourney

Or team events:
• Three-legged race
• Horseshoes

The options here are really limitless. So, comment to this post w/ your answer to the two questions above and then submit your two decathlon events. is not liable for any injuries sustained during the Surf with Murph Decathlon. All entrants must sign a competition waiver acknowledging you WILL get hurt during the Decathlon, just the severity of injuries are unknown.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A mixer for the ages


If Saturday night's Surf with Murph "mixer" was any indication of what's to commence on December 27, then we're all in really big trouble. I mean, SERIOUS trouble.

To recap the night, here's a list of what we all learned while slamming way too many car bombs at The Hill Tavern:

• I am a nerd. I started off the mixer by opening up my laptop with wireless card to do a little work. I know, I suck.

• Airasian works in retail.

• Jamie is pregnant and in for the worst week of her life in Hawaii.

• Mellen needs to shave every 35 minutes to avoid his 5 o'clock shadow.

• Murph plans to buy 600 beers in his first trip to the liquor store in Hawaii...I am NOT kidding.

• Airasian loves measuring the inseam...if you know what I mean.

• Mike slams car bombs so slow that the Bailey's curdles before he's done with it.

• Elliptical machines are scrappy fighters.

• Lenny HAS to go.

• The latest addition to the crew, Tyler (bio coming soon) does a great Rodney Dangerfield impression.

• The Surf with Murph Decathlon is happening...details to follow.

• Jackie is a saint for marrying a guy that works in retail AND gets his azz kicked by exercise equipment. What a trooper.

• Murph + KJ + Mike + Lenny = the next Dream Team.

• Murph DERAILED by falling asleep at the tavern.

• KJ + 4 car bombs = yak job in the hotel bathroom.

• Mike is a great little spoon.

• Murph likes to sleep with dress socks and a dress shirt on...and THAT'S IT...don't ask me how I know this.

• This trip is going to be a total sh*t show.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Less than 50 days: Where's my Trucker Hat?

By Murph

Time is flying!

So I wanted to address a couple things quickly:

1) We're on for Saturday night, November 22nd. Everybody that's local seems to be able to make it that night (Laps, just a head's up here, I would make sure your cell phone switch is set to "OFF" that night......seriously, and turn off picture mail). Probably looking at some sort of bar crawl in Boston (and hopefully by then Pumpkin beer will NOT be carried in bars). We'll figure out the details in the next couple of weeks. Bar Crawl with full attendance will most likely hit 2 bars maximum, so don't be late, due to the fact that Jackie "A" will have to be carried out of the 2nd bar after her 2nd beverage. Like she experienced in Montreal, the beer is much stronger in Boston than it is in Watertown.

2) I got us a White Escalade Limo for New Year's eve (with the OK to bring some booze on board, no word on whether it has a "smoke machine" as requested by some, i'll get back to you on that). It's coming to get us in Turtle Bay around 7pm (plan on dinner in Waikiki), and leaving Waikiki to head home between 3am-4am. As for where we'll be spending New Year's: I have the list down to 2-3 spots on the beach where we'll be dressing casual (I'll also make sure to get tickets if we need them). Each place has outdoor seating/drinking where we can watch the fireworks over the ocean at midnight. We will also have the ability to bounce from bar to bar via the limo, he'll be around all night (and assuredly will HATE us by the end of the night...some more than others I'm guessing....). The limo will also be around for anybody who needs to wrap it up early that night, we'll make sure to leave a pillow, some water, a teddy bear and a blanky in the limo in case this happens. NOTE: Mellen you'll have to pay any cleaning bills that arise because of your excessive "shedding".

Looks like we have three different arrival times: the afternoon on the 27th, the evening of the 27th, and the afternoon of the 29th. As far as transportation goes we should be able to figure all this out no problem, so no worries there.

Laps: On the way down there I'll be the guy up front in a trucker's hat YELLING things at you repeatedly. I'll do everything I can to work over a stewardess in order to send you back some bevs from first class, so relax and enjoy the flight....

Hope to see you on the 22nd.