Monday, November 24, 2008

A mixer for the ages


If Saturday night's Surf with Murph "mixer" was any indication of what's to commence on December 27, then we're all in really big trouble. I mean, SERIOUS trouble.

To recap the night, here's a list of what we all learned while slamming way too many car bombs at The Hill Tavern:

• I am a nerd. I started off the mixer by opening up my laptop with wireless card to do a little work. I know, I suck.

• Airasian works in retail.

• Jamie is pregnant and in for the worst week of her life in Hawaii.

• Mellen needs to shave every 35 minutes to avoid his 5 o'clock shadow.

• Murph plans to buy 600 beers in his first trip to the liquor store in Hawaii...I am NOT kidding.

• Airasian loves measuring the inseam...if you know what I mean.

• Mike slams car bombs so slow that the Bailey's curdles before he's done with it.

• Elliptical machines are scrappy fighters.

• Lenny HAS to go.

• The latest addition to the crew, Tyler (bio coming soon) does a great Rodney Dangerfield impression.

• The Surf with Murph Decathlon is happening...details to follow.

• Jackie is a saint for marrying a guy that works in retail AND gets his azz kicked by exercise equipment. What a trooper.

• Murph + KJ + Mike + Lenny = the next Dream Team.

• Murph DERAILED by falling asleep at the tavern.

• KJ + 4 car bombs = yak job in the hotel bathroom.

• Mike is a great little spoon.

• Murph likes to sleep with dress socks and a dress shirt on...and THAT'S IT...don't ask me how I know this.

• This trip is going to be a total sh*t show.


Murph said...

Thanks to everybody for coming out..Johnny said it best when he texted me the next morning with: "definitely blog worthy"..

Nothing like spending a chilly Saturday killing beverages with a bunch of your best friends, good stuff, can't wait for the "real deal", but as KJ indicated- if the trial run was any sign of what's to come, wow.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Mellen for making me have my first beer at noon, and an extra special thanks to "Rodney" for ordering the first car bomb...

Jackie has her work cut out for her in Hawaii, that's for sure- i believe her only goal on the trip is to "keep johnny from drowning"...

Jamie's sober point of view is going to be a refreshing addition to the mix, I may have to pay her off at the end of the trip to keep her from spreading stories....

I did indeed find a new outfit- just a "seinfeld-pirate-shirt-looking" white dress shirt and dress socks, it speaks volumes (Mike- I saw you peeking in the morning, trust me- it's real).

....and KJ- You're definitely a dork, I'm surprised it took you the better part of three decades to figure that out...and the four of us on a hoops court would ruin ANY men's league...dream team for sure- we can add laps and destroy some people in Hawaii.

MBD- if you're reading this WHY didnt you pick up the phone? You bite it, worst!

Laps/Abby- we missed you guys, but you were there in spirit (Laps- I prepared people for your Constantine Popa type looks, and game. Abby- Mellen did you proud, and he, yet again, proved that you are much cooler than he is...)

June- You were NOT missed.

Mike said...

Well, I spent the next morning at a family brunch at Sky restaurant throwing up in the bathroom the entire time. I definitely scared 2 young boys on my 3rd attempt given it was a very loud, dry-heaving session. One of them asked their dad is there was a monster in stall 3. I'd say the answer was a definitive "yes." Jamie was very proud.

Jamie said...

Let's just say that I am very happy that I won't be sharing a room with Mike, Scott, AND KJ in night in a hotel room was enough to last a lifetime.

Mike- I guess you're back to day 1 since the last time you threw up from drinking. On Saturday night I think you were telling the table that it had been since 1999...Nicely done.

Thanks for setting up the night, Scott. It was a lot of fun!

Jackie said...

I'm scared.

Brian said...

This is why I signed up for this trip as fast as I could. I am not sure what other peoples expectations were, but it appears that some people thought Murph was a responsible adult. He was smart enough to make sure everyone had their plane tickets before setting up a mixer. There is no turning back...

I hope we all make it to New Years!