Sunday, November 30, 2008

Calling all decathletes


At the Surf with Murph mixer the other night, I somehow had a stroke of's amazing the places you venture to after slamming four car bombs.

Anyway, I threw the idea out there of having a Surf with Murph Decathlon and it was welcomed by those in attendance with flying colors.

So, here's my proposal for the Surf with Murph Decathlon:
• $10 entry fee (to cover Decathlon trophy)
• Every entrant submits two events they'd like to compete in
• We pull 10 of the events out of a hat that will make up the Decathlon
• Top five positions get points for each event (1st gets 5, 2nd gets 4, etc.)
• Events may have to be set up in a head-to-head bracket style in order to award points
• The winner takes home the Decathlon trophy and bragging rights for life

It's pretty simple really, but there are twp questions that we need to answer as a group. So, leave a comment to this post so we can figure this stuff out.

• Do we pull the events out of the hat prior to leaving or once we get there?
The downside of pulling the events when we get there is that you have to bring the gear to complete your event with you. So, if your event is "Funnel a Beer", then you'd have to bring the funnel. The downside of pulling the events before hand is that we don't get the excitement of pulling the events in person.

• Should we have a Decathlon Committee to approve the events submitted?
I would recommend that Murph, Jamie and I make up the Decathlon Committee. We will approve events before hand and then also be the judges should a conflict arise during the Decathlon. I was originally thinking just Murph and I would make up the committee, but Jamie will be sober, so she's gotta be on it too. We really need a committee because if we don't have one, then Mellen will submit "Growing the fastest beard in 20 minutes" as an event and we'll all be at a severe disadvantage.

You may think that having a committee for this thing is going over the top, but we used to do Decathlons like this in college and if we didn't have a committee then the only way to settle anything was to "go elliptical" on someone and we don't want to have that happen.

Also, here are a few event ideas from past Decathlons:
• Funnel a beer
• Head-to-head flip cup (three cups/person)
• Shotgun a beer
• Head-to-head Beirut
• Longest keg stand

We could also do non-alcoholic events:
• Texas Hold 'Em tourney
• Bocce tourney
• Cribbage tourney

Or team events:
• Three-legged race
• Horseshoes

The options here are really limitless. So, comment to this post w/ your answer to the two questions above and then submit your two decathlon events. is not liable for any injuries sustained during the Surf with Murph Decathlon. All entrants must sign a competition waiver acknowledging you WILL get hurt during the Decathlon, just the severity of injuries are unknown.


Anonymous said...

I am a decathlete. Having said that, I am assuming I will be the favorite by 2.5 over Mellen (I have a feeling KJ can sneaky pound).
I think we should pull the events while still in the mainland. This way, I can focus on the 10 events individually without being suprised.
A committe shall be formed. We need somewhere to turn should a problem arise. Over the top?? Absolutely.
Two questions...If we played a game like beer die you would probably need to have teams. I assume that the winning team each player would get 5 points and so on? Also, what happens in the event of a tie? is there a sudden death? a one cup flip off? a dance off? rock, paper, scissors? The field needs to know.
For those of you who don't know, I am Armenian which means I am definately the only other person who can even challenge Mellen to the fastest beard growing contest...I would take my 4 points and be happy. I can't wait.


Murph said...

"For those of you who don't know, I am Armenian..", that made me laugh. As a cabby once told my buddy Keeley and I on our way to Watertown: "They're all 'Armos' over there, they all have hair on their doorknobs".

You're NOT a favorite either, so dont kid yourself.

Team games could be an interesting twist, that may call for, as johnny mentioned, some kind of point system per event. I call Lapa as a partner for beer die- he can stand 10 feet behind the table and reach ANYTHING. Ties are a different story....a one cup flip off is brilliant, and fair. A dance off, we all know, would HEAVILY favor me, and people like June and Tyler wouldnt have a chance.

I'm also thinking 2-3 events a day when all parties are present. The new year's eve events should be "strategically picked" to limit consumption....or maybe to maximize consumption, and interesting thought.

Anyway, we need to get this list together soon.....

If we're picking a couple each I'll go with:
A) 1-on-1 flip cups, 3 per side, one beer to be split amongst 3 cups.
B) 1-on-1 beer pong / beirut - 6 cups per side, two beers to be split amongst the 6 cups.
OPTIONAL EVENT: Drunken Pineapple Shot-putting for anybody interested.

I cant wait to begin training....3 weeks and counting...

Mike said...

I'm thinking we need to have a few 'social experiment' events. One potential example:
-- Who can convince the most randoms to let ALL of us derelicts hang out at their houses at night and drink their booze
-- Bonus points if you convince them while sporting "surf with murph" gear
-- Double bonus points if you convince them while sporting a banana hammock)
-- Game over, you win the whole decathlon if you convince them while wearing a "surf with murph" thong.

Anonymous said...

I resent the Armenian comment from the cabbie...I question if his comment even counts since he was probably an illegal. In my book, nothing he says counts. For the record, my friends in high school used to call me "fake Armo" since I wasn't nearly as hairy or had the BO that other Armo's tended to have. Over the years, I feel I have grown into my Armenian-ness.

There should be no "calling" teams. If there are team events, said teams should be picked at random to ensure the fairness and integrity of this important event(s). Picking teams could drastically change the landscape of the decathlon. I'd rather take my chances with a random than go against pre made teams. I believe it creates an unfair advantage in a decathlon with this type of scoring system. Those are my thoughts and I bring them to the committee (which might be tainted since Murph is on it).

Mike, You buy the thong, I'll convince the locals. I'm quite sure no one wants to see me in a thong...except jackie. You couldn't get me drunk enough.

-The Airasian -2.5

Brian said...

I can't think of anything that would ruin my 2009 New years than seeing one of you guys in a thong. And I'm pretty sure the locals are going to hate us.

I'd agree to the funneling challenge, but have no idea how I'd explain that one to the airport security when they pull it out of my carry on.

One last note, knowing how competitive Johnny A is, I hope this decathalon, or murph's constant heat throughout the competition will not ruin his vacation.

Murph said...

"The Airasian", for completeness, regarding your high school years, you were also the lead singer of a band called "Lethal Wedgie" that, as i've heard, ruined classic soft-rock feel-good easy-listening songs such as Nirvana's "Rape Me"..enough said.

Calling teams shouldnt be allowed, i agree, i was simply bringing it up to comment on the unfairness of having Laps be part of any beer die tourney, but he'd only be taking advantage of his natural gift, so i guess it's fair enough.

The coupling of you in a thong and your "Armenian BO" would be enough to make anybody sick, and we dont need that.

Go ahead and lay 2.5 points, you're gonna get SMOKED!!!

KJ said...

I'm loving where these comments are taking us: Down a dirty, competitive road, that is DEFINITELY going to end in tears for at least one decathlete.

We'll have to square away the exact scoring of these events after we actually have all the events determined. So far only Murph (Flip Cup & Beer Pong) has submitted any "real" ideas. I do like the idea of some sort of "social experiment" like Mike said, but I don't know if that should be part of the decathlon.

I officially submit Shotgunning and Edward Fortyhands as my two events. For the shotgunning, we will set up a bracket and go head-to-head tourney style. Edward Fortyhands is a game where you tape 40s to each of your hands and race to finish them. You cannot take either 40 off until they are both matter what, or you forfeit.

I am going to order the Decathlon trophy tomorrow...with all this chatter it's obvious that everyone is going to be into it. I won't divulge details about the trophy other than to say it's going to kick serious azz.

So, post your events ASAP so we can pick events and get the details hammered out.

PS: When we get back from Hawaii I expect a "Lethal Wedgie" reunion concert.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Forty Hands! That game can really put a hurting on contestants. Impressive selection. I think I have my two games, but I will submit tomorrow..I need to sleep on it.
Lappa knows me well from those viscious billiards battles we had.

Anonymous said...

Lethal Wedgie was no joke. If my boys are around, maybe we'll schedule a show. Our first EP was ridiculous.

Murph said...

All joking aside, i've been calling for a Lethal Wedgie reunion for YEARS now, it HAS to happen....i thought they would play at his wedding, but it just didnt come together, part of me died that night.

Edward fortyhands scares me, but I'll happily compete.

WHERE can i get my hands on that EP???????

I'm going to get in Airasian's head and walk around all week, old school, billiards-shit-talking-style, you cant handle it, you know it, i'm ON you...and you cant blame it on Gally this time!

Ty said...

Murph is that a direct dance off challenge? June I can see not having a chance in hell but we all know I'm the best dancing Italian since Travolta. Other then winning this trophy the thing I look foward to most is finally not being the hairiest guy in the group. So bring the games, bring your dance moves and bring your razors, because this is going to be a slaughter!!

Anonymous said...

So I’ve taken my time to ponder the decathlon. My opinion is that several of the ideas are very skill based which might cause some disadvantage… even though I’m sure I’d win anything that involves wearing a SWM thong and being super hairy. That said, I suggest that half (or so) should be chance based to even the playing field.

I suggest;

Tournament of King’s – Classic drinking card game… Tournament style where the person who pulls the fourth king has to drink the community cup and is eliminated and the game starts over… Last person wins… could take awhile – BUT we have several days.

Mushroom Tournament – Another classic drinking game where cards are placed on a community cup with 3 corners showing. As the card pile grows this gets really tricky… Person who knocks the “mushroom” off the community cup has to drink the community cup, is eliminated and the game starts over. This one will move faster because of the size of the group.

Beer Hunt or Six Pack Russian Roulette – 6 beers in a bag or ice water cooler, 1st round only one is shaken up, 2nd round two are shaken up… and so on… Each round each player chooses a beer, if it blows up you’re eliminated (bag/cooler restocked for the next player)… rounds continue until only 1 beer isn’t shaken and the obvious winner chooses an unshaken beer. This involves opening a lot of beers, which will obviously need to be consumed… which is a nice bonus.


Anonymous said...

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