Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aloha From Maui, A Hui Ho Kauai

By Murph

I first want to start with a sincere goodbye to the "Garden Island", Kauai. I had a great time there over the last couple of weeks, and for such a small island it's amazing how much there was to do/see. I landed in Maui this morning, and am "in the mix" again, as I'm back into the "city life" for a week. I'm in Kahului (near the airport) for just tonight, then off to Lahaina for the next week. Along with "city life" comes a decent internet connection, so I FINALLY fixed the Kauai photobucket site with ALL the "good" pictures I had from there. I "thought" this was already the case, but the sh!tty internet connection I had caused many pictures not to be uploaded properly (which I just figured out today!). I reordered them, and if you comb through from the start you'll start at the Hanakapia'i Falls/Beach Hike (actually a couple ziplining photos first), followed by a ton of pictures from the Nu'ololo Loop/Cliffs Hike and Waimea Canyon photos. The best ones I had never made it originally, so if you're bored and want to plow through a couple hundred photos: Kauai Photobucket Album is a good place to go. Some you will have already seen, but there are many more new ones that now have finally made it. Please take a look when/if you get a chance, sorry for the f- up originally, this is my first digital camera and I'm still trying to get a handle on the whole upload/photobucket thing. Mahalo.

So my last couple days in Kauai consisted of a Ziplining day in the North Shore, and another round of golf at the Prince Course (little worse this time, but less balls lost- shot a 105 and played with a couple that were twice my age, but they bought me beers so that was cool). The Ziplining was super cool, it was my first run at it, and here are a couple photos of me riding one of the lines (you have to really look at these in a bigger window, tough to make out so small):

There were 9 lines in total, with the longest being almost 800 ft, and the "fastest" having me go along at almost 30 mph. It was pretty exciting to fly along and take a look at streams and waterfalls below you, sometimes being 150-200ft. above the ground. I would LOVE to do it again, as it took a few lines to get the "form" down - basically if you had your knees above your butt and had your back parallel to the ground in a nice tucked position you could seriously fly. I was shooting for speed on every run, and when you really got flying along it was a blast! Definitely a cool way to kill an afternoon. While we were out there we hit up a swimming hole with a 20 foot waterfall you could jump under, etc.

This morning (Friday morning) I headed to the Lihue airport for my flight to Maui. The flight was only an hour long, but the views from the plane were AMAZING. We flew back over Oahu, and also got a good glimpse of two of the smaller islands: Lana'i (where the super rich hang and Bill Gates got married, google the Bill Gates wedding there and read about it, what he did was ABSURD) and Moloka'i. I'm definitely taking a day trip to one of these two Islands (there are ferry rides from Maui to each of the Islands) to do some Mountain Biking or some hiking.

Other things I'm looking to do in Maui include: sunrise and downhill biking from the top of the 10,000 foot high Haleakala summit, a couple of interesting day hikes around the Island to swimmable waterfalls, and driving the "Road to Hana".

Looking forward to the week ahead, I'll try and keep everybody posted...Now I'm headed to the outdoor patio of the Hotel bar here in Kahului, I'll make sure and have one for you.

With Aloha,

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