Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where we're staying, and other stuff....

By Murph

I wanted to let people know where we're staying for the week, below is a picture that shows the two places ("A" and "B", on the lower right, they're about 500 feet apart), as well as Turtle Bay (top left of the picture):

Both places are in a little gated community full of pools, tennis courts, and in between a couple nasty golf courses. The walk to the beach is 10-15 mins, and the walk between places is only a minute or so.

This is on the North Shore of Oahu where there are a TON of beaches, and places to "relax". People can snorkel, or check out 30 foot waves which are apparently common in the winter. I'm also looking to get a booze cruise of sorts in line for people intersted. Here's a more "zoomed out" pic of the area:

As for arrival times: I'm hoping to get everybody to post that here so we can coordinate getting up to the North Shore from Honolulu. I arrive at 3:19pm (assuming no more changes in my flights) on Saturday, December 27th.

Upon getting there I'm planning on buying a bunch of booze, mixers, soda, water and food for each place so we have it on hand when everybody gets there. I'd also like to get people to post their booze, mixers, soda, and food requests here and I'll make sure you get plenty of that (and more!). I'm planning on being the best host possible, and you all know I have it in me....

I also mentioned that I'd like to get as many people together in Boston for a night out prior to this. The night that seems to work best for everybody is November 22nd. I'll send out an email to everybody on this soon.

I'm also working on setting up a limo situation of sorts to get us down to Waikiki for New Year's. There are some places on the beach that we can hit, some formal, some not, so please let me know if you'd rather dress up or be in your shorts for the New Year.

This is one of the busiest weeks (if not THE busiest week, or so I'm told) of the year down there, so there will be plenty of stuff going on, but the downside to that is that I need to start planning anything that we want to do as a group (like New Year's Eve, or a luau..) ASAP, so let me know if you have any ideas.
Hope everybody is doing well, looking forward to this....


KJ said...

Dude, this is sick. As if we all weren't fired up enough for this trip.

Anway, to answer your questions...

• My flight lands at 8:15 p.m. on the 27th. I'll be completely inebriated by the time I land.

• I'm not really picky on the booze or food front... Bud Light is my beer of choice when drinking it by the case, which I'll be doing on a daily basis. And I'm sure I'll dabble in some fruity drinks to offset the beer...I'll blame that on heat stroke though.

• For New Year's I'd rather wear shorts. "When in Rome..."

• I'm in for the November 22 shindig.

Anonymous said...

Wow KJ..nicely done with the info. Guess I'll follow suit...

-Our flight lands at 9:14pm on the 27th...inebriated as well I'm sure. I think it's the only way Mike will make the long flight from Atlanta...

-Coors Light, or any type of light beer is fine. Fruity drinks are gay, so I will not be drinking those with KJ. I do love all food.

-For New Years- I like the idea of casual fun instead of formal, but of course I'm always up for a night of dress up too.

-We should be able to make the evening of Nov 22nd.

This post made me so excited!! Turtle Bay/North Shore is one of the best places on Earth! Thanks, Scott!!


Anonymous said...

Place looks sweet, Murph.

Jackie and I will be arriving on Monday the 29th at 2:35pm. Prime drinking time. I would love to be there on the 27th, but I work in retail and we are open Sat and Sun. We are fine with whatever on NYE, comfortable casual might be best.
Bud Light/Coors L are good with me. Love mixed drinks especially in tropical situations (even though they are wicked gay as Jamie said, I don't care).

In for the 22nd.

Brian said...

Lets see...I'll be arriving Dec 27th at...wait you know when I'll be arriving because your on my flight.

Here's the comment Murph made to me once he found out he was on the same flight..

"I’m on that same flight from ATL to HNL, but I’ll be rolling in 1st class…I’ll send you back some bevs…."

Thanks buddy, so I'll be inebriated as well upon arrival, either due to numerous drinks or the fact that I have to jam my 7ft long froggy legs behind a seat in coach. I will definitely have to crop dust 1st class for payback!

Beverage choice, It's going to be a long week so it's going to take many different options to keep it interesting. Anything but Burbon is good for me. That's right Mellon, no Knob Creek shots at 4am! What college freshman can afford Knob Creek anyways...hmm a 25 year old one maybe..

No preference on New Years, hope my body makes until then! Glad everyone is fired up. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

less than 50 days. the airasian is excited. does anyone drink corona?

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to say "the airasian family..."

Murph said...

Dude, I'm assuming you HAD about 20 coronas when posting that

FYI: "The Airasian" works in retail.